SIP Project 

Innovation Claim: This project is innovative because it takes your normal camera tripod to a full film/picture set. It will enhance your use for better shots and save space. 

This is a multi-purpose tripod. Right now I am going through different models but so far this model is the one I have. It would fit over the tripod and give it extra uses, for lights, diffusers, and other things. This would be great for home use, and possibly professional use.

3d model.PNG
3d model1.PNG

Marketing Research
So right now, I don't have any huge marketing planned. I need to learn how to do 3D modeling before I actually start trying to do some marketing. But let's say I learn it fast. First up, I will be making multiple models to make sure I get the best product I can. After I get the best model, I will move to 3D printing to get a real model so people can see it in real life. If everything picks up from there, I will research how to make this a full product. Such as making it metal, hard plastic, and any other types of materials. 

Innovation Brief


Community Statement 


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